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I’ve seen this new Batiste dry shampoo raved about recently between you bloggers and I thought I’d give it ago myself, because well who doesn’t love hair with more volume? I’m constantly trying different products and techniques with my hair to give it more volume, so I thought why not try out this dry shampoo? And well even if it doesn’t work, I still love Batiste dry shampoo.

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Batiste Dry shampoo
Batiste claims that “A quick burst with our unique formula gives dull, lifeless hair the volumising makeover it needs”. 
I’ve been a big fan of Batiste for over a year now, I always have one of the dry shampoo’s to hand. So when I saw one that claims to give me more volume, I thought it would be great. This one was slightly more expensive at £3.99, but wait its in a slightly bigger can at 200ml, so I didn’t mind forking out a bit extra. I couldn’t wait to use this product, I almost ran straight home from Boots to try it out. This works just the same as other Batiste products in the way you spray it in and brush it out, so it wasn’t hard to use. And just like other Batiste products, it smells great!
Here’s how I got on:
 My hair before – Dull, flat and lifeless.
My hair after – Big, volumised, and full of bounce!


Just look at that difference! My hair is instantly volumised without the need of backcombing etc. I can’t get my head around how simple yet effective this product is! Gone are the hours spent trying to backcomb my hair to get volume, now replaced with a 30 second application of dry shampoo!
Have you used this yet?
What other techniques do you use to create volume?

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