My Current Favourite Scents

It’s only been in the last year that I’ve really got into perfume. In the past I used to maybe get a gift set for my birthday or Christmas, and that would keep me going until I got the next gift set. Before that I used to live off Charlie or So…? body sprays in my teenage years, so I don’t have much experience of perfume counters. Now I still don’t have much experience with perfume, but I’m starting to build a small collection of bottles on my dressing table. I now have a whole 6 perfumes in my small collection, but I find there’s only a few I really turn to on a daily basis.

The first of my favourites is my most recent in my perfume collection, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. I actually got this in a gift set for Christmas, but it was on my perfume wish list for sometime. I’m a big fan of Marc Jacobs perfumes, in fact I’ve not come across a scent that I don’t like. This perfume reminds me of spring, and smells really fresh and light. My next favourite is probably best for the complete opposite season, The Body Shop’s Frosted Cranberry perfume. I picked this up in their sale just after Christmas, and it’s a shame I didn’t discover it earlier. It smells amazing, I just can’t get enough of it! My last favourite is again another Marc Jacobs (I said I was a fan didn’t I!), Daisy Limited Edition. The original Daisy is one of my favourites as it is, but I find this one a slightly lighter more floral version of the scent. I’ve actually nearly ran out of this one, that’s how much I use it.

Although these aren’t hugely different scents, and well two of them are Marc Jacobs, these are still the three perfumes I turn to the most. I’ve been thinking of expanding out a little more with my perfume choices, what are your favourites? 
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