Since I was Eleven I’ve always had troubles with my skin, I used to have terrible acne and my skin is always looking a bit meh. I always thought that one day my skin would grow out of it’s ‘awkward teenage phase’, and although the majority of my acne cleared, I was still left with troublesome skin and the odd break out of spots.
Now I’m no angel when it comes to skin care. I’d love to say I spend ages on my daily routine looking after my skin properly, but honestly I’m too lazy. I often just use a cleanser, and sometimes, dare I admit it, face wipes. By the time I get home in the evening, spending 20 minutes on skin care is just the last thing on my mind, and in the mornings I’d rather stay in bed. So if I could find a product that can improve my skin with little effort on my part, I’m game. So when I was offered to try Skinetica* I jumped at the chance.
Skinetica is meant to improve the condition of your skin and control your break outs, and I found it really helped me out when I was having bad skin days. All I did was applied it twice a day with a cotton pad as I would a cleanser or toner. It seemed to work quickly for me, and I saw visible improvements after around 2 or 3 days. Although it hasn’t cleared up my skin completely (although that’s probably due to my lack of a skin care routine..), it has helped me when I’m having a falling out with my skin.
Skinetica is only £9.99 including P&P from their website, where you can also request a sample if you want to try it out.

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