The End

The past week has been a crazy up and down ride for me. After three long years, I finally finished my degree and handed in my dissertation on Thursday. I can’t believe that I managed to write something this long, especially after all the hassles I had with it, but I did!

University has been an up and down ride for me. I went to uni straight after my A levels (all three years of them…) just because I didn’t know what else I wanted to do. At college we were always told if we didn’t have a degree we would be stuck at some dead end job, which I’ve since learnt isn’t true. University isn’t for everyone, and I don’t think I was the sort of person meant for it. I hated my last year of uni, and really couldn’t wait for it to end, but I’m so glad I managed to stick through with it!

As well as ending my degree on Thursday, I was offered my dream internship. So from Wednesday I am the new Social Media Community Manger Intern at Brainbow Games! It all happened so quickly, I only applied for the job two weeks ago and already I’ve packed in my Mcjob, finished my degree, and walked into my dream job.

Now just to wait for my uni results..

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