Naked Style Little Miracle Leave In Conditioner

Recently in one of my Sunday Post’s I briefly mentioned the Naked Style Little Miracle Leave In Conditioner* (what a mouthful!). Recently I’ve been reaching for this product every day so I thought it deserved a blog post of its very own.  Around a year a go I discovered leave-in conditioners, and since then I’ve tried a handful of them, my favourite being from Aussie. I think their great for when your hair’s feeling a little dry, or needing a little rehab like mine. I’d never used anything from the Naked Style range, but I had heard a lot of good things about them through the blogosphere, so I was really excited when I was kindly sent this to review.

“They say staying in is the new going out but we think leaving in is better still. Our Little Miracle is a superb silicone free leave-in conditioner to protect and repair hair that’s feeling a bit worn out, tackling dodgy dryness, frightful frizz and scary split ends. So you won’t need to take your hair to rehab.”

I’ve fallen quite in love with this product that I’ve actually been using this on my hair everyday that I’ve washed it. All I do when my hair is still damp is take a tiny 1op sized blob and run it through the ends of my hair. The shea butter and argan oil used in this product help to repair and protect dry hair against heat styling and breakage, which is just perfect for my hair. I also like how this is silicone free, so my hair won’t have a nasty product build up, and this can actually help to repair my hair. I can certainly feel an improvement in my hair since I’ve been using this, the ends of my hair don’t feel as dry, and I don’t seem to have as many split ends. Using this as part of my hair care routine has certainly helped me out with getting my hair back on track, and my hair now feels healthy and much happier. I’ve not used anything else from the Naked Style range but as I’ve had such a positive experience with this product, I’m definitely looking into more of their range. So I’m looking for your recommendations if you have any!

Have you used the Naked Style range?
What are your favourite products from them?

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