Strawberry Curlers

Recently I blogged about how I wanted my hair to be in a better condition. After years of dying it and using heat, my hair is in a pretty terrible condition. I’m desperate for my hair to grow, and a friend told me my hair has no chance of growing if I continue to abuse it. A few months ago I saw Danielle’s blog post about strawberry curlers and bought myself some off ebay from this seller. I used them once on dry hair over night and decided I hated them and never tried them again.

That was a couple of months ago before I truly abused my hair with heat. Then the other day I decided to give them another go. I applied them to wet hair and waited a couple of hours for my hair to dry. I have naturally curly hair but because of how short it is, when it dries the curls are crazy and a frizzy mess, not nice curly locks like I would like. But after I took these out I was left with beautiful curls, that if I brushed turned into soft waves. Because the strawberries are made from sponge, their soft so are comfortable to sleep in if you want to leave them in overnight. I’ve used them on both dry and wet hair, but I’ve found better results if I leave them in wet hair.


Overall I’m really impressed, especially with how cheap these were. They come in packs of 12 which I found was enough for my hair as it’s only mid length. The instructions weren’t very clear but I found tons of tutorials on YouTube that show you how to apply them. I think these are great if your trying to use less heat on your hair but want to have movement and body in your hair. I’m certainly going to be using these more on my hair to give it a break from heat.

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