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Hello Lovely’s! 🙂
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! My day was full of spending time with my family, chilling out, eating masses of food, and watching trashy Christmas TV.
Now I wasn’t really expecting much for Christmas as I’d only asked for a couple of bits, so I was so excited when I saw what Santa had bought me!

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My parents surprised me with a Pandora bracelet, a double white leather band with a silver strawberry charm on it. I also got a Kindle which I’ve become super addicted to! I can’t put it down, I just want to read read read, so recommend me some good books!  And a Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion, which my mum swears by so I’m pretty excited to use it, and it might have to take place as my daily moisturizer instead of my Vitamin E one, we’ll have to see.

Marc Jacobs Lola Eau de Parfum 1 oz

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I actually got these two presents from my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago as it was our year anniversary and we did bit of a joint Christmas/anniversary present. He got me this cute necklace with my name on (which I’ve been wearing non stop!), and the Lola Marc Jacobs perfume (which smells beautiful!), so extra boyfriend points to him!


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And of course no Christmas is complete without chocolate!
So I thought I’d just share this quick post with you before I go off to work. I’m working pretty much everyday until I go back to uni, so lots of extra money for hitting the January sales with ;). Hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying boxing day! 🙂

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