Lush The Sacred Truth Face Mask

Lush and skin care seem to be regular things being posted on the blog recently, so for today’s post I thought why not combine the two? Ha. After trying out Catatrosphe Cosmetic, I fell in love with Lush face masks. So when mine ran out I had to have another. Only problem with Lush face masks, is there’s so many it’s hard to choose which one to get! I spent s good five minutes trying to sniff them all without the lush staff talking to me, and eventually I gave in to The Sacred Truth.
The main ingredient in this is Papaya, and it just smells amazing. This stood out to me more than the others because it was such a fresh fruity scent. What I didn’t realise at the time was that this mask is specifically made for anti-ageing. It contains anti-oxidant, fresh, active ingredients, which are purposely made enhance and revive the complexion.although there’s nothing wrong with using anti-ageing things when you have young skin, I should of probably gone with one that was more suited for my skin! Although it wasn’t designed with my skin in mind, it still works fantasticly with my skin. I’ve been using Lush’s Ultrabland cleanser to take my make up off, and then been applying this before I moisturise. I’ve found the consistency of this isn’t too thick and it dries after about 5-10 minutes. It also didn’t crumble and flake like I found Catarosphe Cosmetic did.

What I love most about Lush face masks is that even though they look small, I find that I can get about 6-8 uses out of them. I’m already getting to the end of this one and looking up which one to buy next. I’m thinking about Oatafix or Brazened Honey? I’ve also heard great things about Cosmetic Warrier from my recently Lush converted friend, even though it stinks.
Have you used any Lush face masks? Which ones are your favourite?

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