Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask

I frequently rave about Lush face masks on my blog. Since discovering them I’ve gone a bit mad for them and constantly find myself buying them. I tend to stick to the same ones so there’s not been many posts about them, but last time I was in Lush I decided it was about time I picked up something new and decided to give Cosmetic Warrior a go.

I’ve always put off buying Cosmetic Warrior mainly because it contains garlic, and the idea of putting something with garlic on my face seemed a bit gross. I have two friend’s who have both used this and raved about it, and both of them have came out with amazing looking skin, so I decided to grin and bear it and put up with some garlicy face mask

I did try really really hard to like this, but I really couldn’t put up with the smell. The mix of garlic and tea tree oil was so overpowering that I really couldn’t put up with it for more than five minutes before the smell made me feel sick. I really hoped that maybe if I could put up with the smell then I would have lovely skin when I washed it off, but no, it didn’t work for me.  I’m gutted because I’ve tried so many Lush face masks, and I’ve got on with all of them. I do have a different skin type from my friends which is probably why it didn’t work for me. It just goes to show that what works for one person might not work for another. Time to try a different face mask…

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