NOTD – Models Own Thunder & Lightening

Now that we’ve been thrown into the autumn and winter months I like to pick out darker colours for my nails. Gone are the light pastel shades to be replaced with darker reds, blues, and blacks. One of my favourite colours for the darker months is Models Own Thunder and Lightening.

Normally I wouldn’t go for a black nail varnish as I find them ‘too dark’. When I was around 14/15 I went through a phase that the only colour I would paint my nails was black. I think since then I’ve been put off by black nails, but this one has a touch of sparkle too it making it pretty. Thunder and Lightening is a pretty appropriate name for this nail varnish as the the sparkly bits in it really break up from the black, although it reminds me more of a stary night. This is also a gorgeous colour if you apply a matte top coat over the top as it really brings out the flecks of sparkle. Although I love this nail varnish like all glitter polishes it’s a complete pain to remove! But if you can put up with the removal it’s definitely worth a purchase. I think I’ll be wearing this a lot during the A/W months, especially at Christmas time as it just reminds me of festive type things.

Do you have any favourite nail varnishes that you like to wear at this time of the year?

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