100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #2

I’m now 14 days into my 100 Day Spending Ban Challenge, so how am I getting on? Well this week I may have slipped up a bit.. After deciding that my hair looks a little worse for wear at the moment I decided to give in and buy a couple of things. I then found myself in Tesco’s where they had an offer on Aussie for 3 items for £10, and decided to pick up the Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner, along with the Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle. I also found myself adding the Korres Nourishing Hair Mask to an ASOS order of the boyfriend’s birthday presents, making a total of £20 spent on beauty products this week. Were these products needed? Probably not, especially as I have a bathroom full of hair products… Oops.

Apart from my slight slip up this week I’m still on a mission to create some savings. Last week I spoke about how I saved £10 towards my savings goal, and this week I’ve added to it. My friend Simone commented on my last post how she puts ‘odd’ amounts into her savings account – for example if she has £123.47 in her bank account she puts the £3.47 into her savings. I thought this was a great idea that will help to build up my savings account so I’ve started sticking to this rule, making my savings account now at £12.56! I know this still isn’t a great deal of savings, and it probably could have been more if I didn’t spend that £20 this week on beauty products, but hopefully this will soon build up.

I’m hoping I’ve got my ‘need to spend’ out of my system this week and I’ll be back on track with my saving in the upcoming week! Do you have any other saving tips that you stick to?

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