Best Of 2013 Bloggers

I’ve been talking a lot on the blog recently about my Best Of 2013 Products – HairSkincareBody, and Makeup. But I thought it was time I spoke about my favourite bloggers of 2013.
This is a blog I’ve read since I started blogging and a lovely girl to chat to! Danielle always manages to make the most amazing outfit posts out of clothes I wouldn’t dream of wearing, and can do some pretty amazing nail art. She also has some fab beauty reviews up, and can give great advice on Lush products.
I’ve been lucky enough to meet this fabulous lady a few times and it’s really nice to put a face to the blog. With daily reviews there’s always something new to read up on, and she always makes my day by commenting on my blog!
Another wonderful lady I’ve had the chance to meet up with. Helen is constantly making me laugh on Twitter, and writes some fabulous reviews up on her blog. But often her reviews make me want to part with money I don’t have..
Of course Bex’s blog is one of my favourites. She posts about pretty much anything, book reviews, beauty reviews, fashion posts, and parenting posts. Bex has also become one of my best friends as she only lives 30 minutes away so I can spend a lot of time with her talking away about makeup.
Sophia is another beautiful lady I’ve had the chance of meeting a few times, and is also my Weight Watchers support if I ever need help to stay on track. Her blog is pretty amazing and contains thousands of reviews and tips. And if you ever want to find out about skincare products this is the blog to go to.
This is one of the blogs I discovered in 2013, and once I found it I just couldn’t stop reading! Danni posts some brilliant beauty reviews, but my favourite are her NOTD posts. She comes up with some great ideas for her nails, and I’m excited to start a collaboration with her soon!
Helen is another brilliant blogger I’ve had the chance to meet a few times. She knows her beauty stuff as she’s worked in the industry before, and does some amazing NOTD posts! She’s also just become a yummy mummy to a gorgeous little girl!
Ella is one hilarious lady who’s tweets often have me in stitches. Her blog is a mix of lifestyle posts, reviews and tips. I think she comes up with some brilliant blog post ideas, and her latest blogging tips have come in very useful! She also has the most beautiful collection of wigs and lipsticks that make me very jealous.
This girl is another lovely blogger that I ‘met when I started blogging nearly three years ago and still find myself talking to most days. Her blog is a mix of beauty reviews, lifestyle posts and even the odd fashion post. Jess is also on her own weightloss journey so often shares her support with that. She’s generally a lovely person to chat to.
Shona is also one of the lovely bloggers I’ve had the chance to meet and has become one of my greatest friends. Her blog is great for beauty reviews and fashion posts. She’s also shared a post about her brave journey with Scoliosis here and you can really see what a brave person she is.
A Bit Of This And That
Another amazing girl I’ve been lucky enough to meet. Clare is definitely the girl to go to if you want any advice about lipstick, especially MAC. Her blog is great for lifestyle posts, beauty reviews and she also has a YouTube channel. She’s also a great person to chat to on Twitter, and knows her stuff about makeup if you ever have a question.
So I think that nicely rounds up my Best Of 2013 series, are any of these bloggers your favourites?

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