NOTD – Models Own ‘Purple Grey’

I’ve got really into doing ‘NOTD’ posts recently on the blog. They used to be something I’d post up if I couldn’t think of anything else to do on the blog, or if I wanted to quickly blog. But recently I’ve got more into looking after my nails recently, making sure my nails are in top shape, no more chipped polish for me! Their also growing really long and strong, so I’m really enjoying painting them at the moment. At the weekend I found myself reaching for one of my favourite polishes – Model’s Own ‘purple grey’. I’ve owned this colour for months, and its one of my most reached for polishes. It’s this gorgeous dark purpely colour, with dark murky shades of grey in it (clue is in the name!). It’s such a fab colour, and really looks good with a matte top coat on top. I’ve used this so much I’m finding that I’m actually starting to run out of it, which is a first for me! Along with other Model’s Own polishes, the formula is great, and dries rather quickly, and their rather affordable at £5 each. I think when this one runs out I’ll have to make a sneaky purchase of another one ;).
What do you think of Model’s Own polishes?
Have you used this colour?

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