Veet Hair Removal Cream For Sensative Skin

For years I’ve been using a lady shaver to shave my legs, mostly because I’m completely terrified of cutting myself with a razor. One time when I was 12 I tried to shave my legs with a razor and managed to cut myself, there was blood everywhere. Oh god it was terrible. So since then I’ve stuck to my lady shaver, because there’s no way a clumsy person like me could hurt themselves. So when Veet sent me an alternative to try, that I couldn’t possibly cut myself on, I was looking forward to giving it a go.


Veet sent me one of their hair removal creams for sensitive skin to sample. I’ve never actually used a hair removal cream before, for some reason I always thought they’d be really painful. I think its just something about the word ‘hair removal’ that’s just always put me off wanting to try it, it doesn’t sound like the nicest of things really does it? 
If you’ve not used hair removal cream before either, all you have to do is apply it to your legs, leave it on for five minutes, and then rinse it off. I’ve heard that once it’s applied a few people feel a ‘tingling’ sensation, but it didn’t irritate me at all. Once I’d rinsed it off it made my legs feel super smooth as well, like smoother than they’ve ever felt. I’m tempted to keep this in my beauty routine on that reason alone! 

Veet actually have a range of products that are great for hair removal, including wax strips and a roll on kit. But seeing as the idea of waxing completely terrifies me, I think I’ll just stick with the hair removal cream for now! 
Have you ever used a hair removal cream? What do you think?

*PR Sample

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