Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean

A while a go I never used to care about skin care. I would even go to bed wearing my make up. I know, I’ve broken the one main skin care rule! But in the past year I’ve become a bit of a skin care junkie. I’ve gone from having no skin care routine, to a massive one using 100’s of products. One thing I’ve learnt is that you really do need a good cleanser to help take off your make up. So over Christmas I was happy to see in my Soap & Glory Best Of All gift set Peaches and Clean. It’s something I’ve heard good things about and I was really excited to try out.

“Massage a splodge of Peaches & Clean onto your cheeks in the evening (or morning, if you managed to fall asleep with your make up on) rubbing double on any trouble spots – oily forehead, nose, chin – to maximize the purifying actives. Rinse off with water. (Repeat if you feel you need it.)”

I don’t think I’ve ever found a Soap & Glory product I don’t like, and Peaches and Clean is no exception. To start with I love the smell, to me the peachy smell just smells fresh and clean. I also love the packaging. I always love it when things come in pump bottles, it just makes it easier for application and storage in my bathroom. This feels A-mazing when I use it on my skin. It’s very soothing and feels soft on my skin, which must be the jojoba oil. Not only does this feel amazing to use, it seems to be making a difference to my skin. It’s great for taking make up off with, although I’ve found that it’s not so good at taking my eye make up off, and can sometimes leave bit behind. But for the rest of my make up, it’s brilliant, and it makes my skin feel seriously clean afterwards. I’ve also noticed my skin looks a lot better since I’ve been using this. I haven’t been getting as many spots, and my skin has been looking a lot healthier, which is probably down to the special clogged T-zone formula. Since I’ve discovered my love for this I’ve wizzed through this product, and I’m going to be sad to see the end of it, especially as I’ll be on my 100 day spending ban and won’t be able to repurchase for while. Since discovering this it’s taken a permanent part of my skin care routine,  and I prefer to use it in the mornings to help wake my skin up, than to take my make up off with.

Have you tried Peaches & Clean?
What’s your favourite cleanser?

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