Very Late September Favourites Video

I know you probably hear this a lot, but seriously how fast is 2011 going? It seems like only yesterday I was seeing in the new year, and now its mid October?! Crazy.
So yes even though it is now mid October, I’m now posting my September favourites video. Yes yes I know its very very late! Due to moving back to uni in the last week of September my blog has suffered a little bit of neglect. But now I’m all settled into my new flat, and getting used to being back in lectures again, I’m finding the time to make blog posts, and record videos again! (Hurrah!)
So please forgive me, and here is my very late September favourites video!

Also just to let you know, I am posting quite frequently on Youtube now. Since borrowing the boyfriend’s camera, and being taught how to do all these fancy editing things, I’m getting quite into it. So I thought I’d let you guys know there will be a lot more Youtube video’s going up in the near future, and I probably won’t be posting them all on my blog. So if you want to see my video’s please visit my channel here.  
Thanks for everyone who follows my blog/subscribes to my Youtube 🙂
Hope your all well!

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