V05 Miracle Concentrate

Hello lovelies!
It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged – in fact a whole 2 weeks! I know I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t done any decent posts in what feels like forever, but please bear with me! Since moving back to university it has somewhat taken over my life. I’m in my second year and I seem to be constantly living under mountains of work, and in my spare time I’m enjoying the time with my friends again, so sadly my blog & youtube has taken a bit of a backseat.  But I’m finally starting to get a bit of balance again with my uni life so hopefully I’ll pick this back up!
Anyway enough of that for now, time to talk about something we’re all interested in!
As you all probably know, I’m forever dying my hair, straightening it and generally abusing it. Well all of this has resulting in my hair being a little ‘blah’. It never wants to do anything and is a generally bad condition. Years of hair dying has caught up with me, and the ends of my hair are feeling a little dry and neglected. So I’ve been on a little mission to give my hair the TLC it needs and I’ve been trying out several products to give my hair that extra bit of love. 
That’s when I came across my new favourite product ever invented – V05 Miracle Concentrate.

V05 claims this will; intensively condition & help repair dry, damaged or frizzy hair. Leave hair unbelievably smooth & silk like and add radiant shine. 

The name ‘Miracle Concentrate’ is definitely appropriate for this, not only was it a miracle I even found it (I’ve literally searched everywhere for this for months!), but it has done wonders for my hair! I’ve only been using this for just over 2 weeks and already the condition of my hair is amazing. Gone is my dry, frizzy damaged hair, replaced with soft, manageable, shiny, nourished hair! The Miracle Concentrate is an intensive leave-in treatment with an elixir with argan oil. This results in the product being high in vitamin E, rich in anti-oxidants to help fight against free radicals, and be hydrating and deeply conditioning.
 I love this product so much I’m finding that I’m using it on a daily basis. All I do after washing and towel drying my hair, apply a small 10p size blob onto my hands, and then rub it into the ends of my hair, and blow-dry. Another trick I like to use it for, is after washing my hair apply  the miracle concentrate to wet hair and then tie up in a bun. I leave it for an hour or so and then wash it out, like a super intensive hair treatment. After I’ve washed it out it really leaves my hair so super soft!
The result of my hair now is absolutely amazing, you’d hardly believe it was once the same damaged hair. I’m so glad I finally tracked this down and bought it, and I’m sure my hair is very happy too!
I hope this has been helpful!
Are you doing anything to give your hair TLC?

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