Concoctions Shampoo

When I was at the TOWIB event in June, one of the brands that caught my eye was Concoction. The idea behind their brand was to mix together different ‘ingredients’ to formulate your own shampoo with what you’ve decided you want in it. I thought the idea behind it was great, but at the TOWIB event I never went over to get one at the time. So a week or so after the event I ordered my own shampoo off their website. I thought it was a great concept, and I liked the idea of having a shampoo made especially for me.

“Concoction’s unique Mixology system is a breakthrough in haircare technology, offering luxury made-to-measure blends that provide optimum care and nutrition for your hair. Expertly and freshly prepared by our mixologists, every Concoction shampoo contains a full dose of your chosen SuperSerums, containing concentrated active natural extracts, vitamins and minerals.” –

When it came to ordering my own shampoo I decided to go for the Rosemary and Mint scent and the Ravishing Red and Turn Up The Volume superserums. As I’m a frequent hair dyer I usually pick shampoos that are for coloured hair, so I thought it was great that I could choose one specifically for red hair. And I chose the volume bit because well, who doesn’t want big hair? I was surprised at how quickly my shampoo was dispatched, it came within about 3/4 days, which is pretty speedy considering they make each one individually! When it comes to the price, it cost £12.50 with free delivery for 250ml of shampoo. Which to me is quite a lot more than I’d normally spend on shampoo, so I’m not sure if I’d repurchase again. Although it’s a rather pricey shampoo, it does make my hair super soft. I haven’t seen a difference in the volume of my hair when using this, but it has helped to keep the red in my hair from fading as quick as it normally does. I do really love this shampoo, and I think it’s an amazing concept behind it. I’d love to see if they extend their range, and introduce some conditioners or other hair products.
 Concoction Nourish Plus Protect SuperSerum Lemon Verbena Shampo
What do you think about the idea behind Concoctions?

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