Lipstick Love – E.L.F Matte Lip Color

So recently I’ve become a bit of a lipstick addict. From owning no lipsticks to now 19 in just under two months! I now can’t seem to live without the stuff. There isn’t a day where I don’t find myself reaching for one. I’ve found that I have a few particular favourites at the moment,   one of which is E.L.F’s matte lip color in Coral. 

What I particularly like about this lip colour is how it comes in a pen type applicator rather than a normal lipstick tube, making it stand out in my growing collection! It’s also really easy to apply, and you can just twist up the end to get more of the lipstick out. The only fault I’ve found with it is that when it says matte lip color, it means matte. I’m talking about drying-out-your-lips-emphasis-on-flakiness-matte. But nothing that’s not solved by applying a little lip balm or Vaseline underneath the lip color ;). 

I’m absolutely in love with the color. Even though it’s called ‘coral’ I find it to be a bit more of a peachy pink color when applied to the lips. I’ve been using it mostly as an everyday lipstick as I’m finding to be a sorta nudey pale color, and not too over the top for university. Even though its a really pale shade it doesn’t wash me out as a lot of pale shades do. 

I really like just how easy it is to apply to the lips. The pen applicator makes it easy to line your lips first and then color them in, resulting in a longer lasting lip color. Also it makes it super easy to apply for touch ups throughout the day.
I thought I’d share with you a photo of how it looks on as well. Please excuse the slightly rubbish photo – I was running late for university as usual! I was also having those can’t-be-bothered-to-do-anything-with-my-hair days! But as you can see its a lovely pale peachy color, perfect for everyday and not too over the top! 

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