NOTD – Leopard Print & My New Nail Art Pens!

It feels like its been absolutely forever since I’ve done a NOTD post! Despite being a nail varnish addict I haven’t done a NOTD post since mid August??!?! Wow.
I’m constantly painting my nails and lately I’ve been getting a little bored of my nail polishes. Even though I have a rather large collection, I’ve been finding my nails a little boring. That’s when I saw a post on Danielle’s blog about nail art pens – I just had to have them!
So off I went and looked at this eBay listing – 24 two way nail art pens for £7?! I just couldn’t resist. Since doing my Strawberry Nails a few months back I’ve been meaning to experiment more with nail art, I just haven’t had the right stuff to do it with. I’ve not been gifted with the steadiest of hands, so the fact these nail art pens have a pen and a brush applicator on them really appealed to me. 
The second they arrived I couldn’t wait to try them out! Especially as I had to wait around 3 weeks for them to turn up (the downside of ordering things from Hong Kong on eBay..). Something I’ve been meaning to try is leopard print nails for so long now. I started off painting my nails with Nails Inc Basil Street (free with Glamour magazine!), and then dotted brown dots on with my nail art pen, then outlining them with black and gold glitter nail art pens. I’m surprised how easy the nail art pens are to use! Especially as I haven’t had much practise doing nail art I thought it would be particularly tricky, but nope such a simple design! I’ll definitely be experimenting more with nail art in the future! 
Do you experiment with nail art?
What are your favourite designs? 

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