Free Nails Inc Polishes With Glamour Magazine!

So here’s how my day went on Friday:
15:00 – Realise that Glamour magazine is giving away free Nails Inc nail polishes
15:02 -Grab coat and run to the Spar over the road in search of Glamour magazine
15:05 – Have shop assistant tell me they don’t stock Glamour magazine (what? Why?!)
15:09 – Arrive at the SU Spar to find 3 copies of Glamour magazine, snap them up quickly and head over to the till where the guy gives me a funny look as to why I’m buying 3 copies of the same magazine. I explain that its just for the freebies, and he gives me an even weirder look.
15:15  arrive at a corner shop over the road to find the last remaining Glamour magazine with the other nail polish I didn’t have! Result!
15:20 – Arrive back home, give two copies to my two flat mates and keep the free nail polishes for myself! 🙂
Successful day I feel! Here’s this months Glamour magazine goodies –
From L-R:
Victoria – Deep Dark Red
Tate – Dark Red
Piccadilly Circus –  Deep Plum
Basil Street – Beige
As you can tell, I got pretty excited by the fact that Glamour magazine was doing free Nails Inc nail polishes. The reason for this? I’ve never owned one before *sniff*, sad I know. But I can’t really justify their £11 price tag when I’m a student really. But when I heard Glamour was giving away four different shades for £2 each, well who am I to pass up on this opportunity? I mean £8 for four Nail Inc polishes!?! 
I’m absolutely loving the colours, I think Tate and Piccadilly Circus are my two favourites. Tate is that classic red that seems to work well in any season, and Piccadilly Circus is a deep plum/cherry colour which will look great in the festive season! I’ve only used Basil Street so far on my nails, which you can see on my leopard print nail art post, which is a nude beige colour. I think my least favourite is Victoria, a really dark red. I’m not sure why I’ve just really gone off dark nails at the moment, so I’m not so keen on it.
What do you think?
Are you going to be picking up these Nail Inc nail polishes?

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