Why I’m Unimpressed With Shellac Nails

Recently me and my lovely friend Sophia went to get our nails done to treat ourselves. I’ve never had my nails done but I’ve always heard that Shellac is a good choice. Apparently it’s meant to last for 2 weeks without chipping, but sadly I’ve not had that much luck with them.

First of all I was excited to have my nails done and not to have to worry about painting them again for another two weeks. And I loved my Shellac nails, for about 2 days until they started chipping. They were perfect and shiny for about two days before I noticed anything wrong with them. They then started to chip, and I got a lot of tip wear. Then I noticed that they were done pretty messily, where on the sides of them you can see brush strokes. This is probably down to where I got them done and not the Shellac’s fault, but I’m still majorly unimpressed with the turn out.

The above photo was taken 10 days after the Shellac was done, and as you can see it’s pretty chipped. I’m so unimpressed I don’t think I’ll go near Shellac again. It’s back to doing my own nails for me…

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