Posts I’ve Enjoyed In January

January has seen some great blog posts this month, it seems like everyone’s stepped up their blogging game lately. I’ve been reading loads of lovely posts and I thought I could share them and spread the love a little.

Kat wrote about how to get the perfect winged eye liner and her tips have really helped me to get my flicks perfect.

Bex has wrote about the best places to promote your posts which has made me think about using Pinterest and Google+ to promote my posts more.

 Shona has wrote about 10 ways to improve your blog in 2015, which has some pretty handy tips if you’re looking to step up your blogging game this year.

Becky’s been writing her therapy diaries following her CBT sessions. Her posts have really made me think and make me wish I didn’t give up on it so easily in the past.

Some other favourites:
Zoe has written about body size and how the media portrays women.
Helen has written a few thoughts on blogging, and has some great views on sponsored posts, reviews and blogging tips.

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