100 Spending Ban Update – Week 3 & 4

I’m now four weeks into my spending ban, and although I’m rubbish at writing updates on it I’m pleased to say I’m sticking to it! Not one beauty product, peice of clothing, or something else I don’t need has been bought for a whole 28 days now. For someone who’s terrible with money and her spending habits, this is quite a big things for me! I even thought ahead to putting some money aside the last time I got paid for things coming up this month. Me, being organised with money?! Who thought we’d see the day.

The only thing that’s not doing so well with my spending ban is putting money into my savings and paying off my overdraft. While I’m not spending any money, I’m not really saving much either. However today is payday and I’m determined that this month I’ll put all my spare pennies away and finally save some money! Once again this is only a short update, but I haven’t got any slip ups to report!

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