She Said Beauty August Box & Video

I love the end of the month, seeing everyone’s monthly favourites, and seeing those of you who are subscribed to beauty box’s posts and videos. This monthly I was really excited, because after signing up to She Said Beauty a few weeks ago, I’m now able to join in. Hurrah! I’ve always loved the idea of monthly beauty boxes, but there never seems to have been one that appeals to me. After looking at several posts and videos on She Said Beauty, and hearing nothing but good things, I decided to give it a go and sign up. And actually after looking through previous boxes on their website I thought every months box appealed to me. Also what I like about She Said Beauty is that you can either subscribe monthly, or do a one off payment for 3, 6 or 12 months, which you can see the options. So I decided to try out the 3 month subscription and see how it goes.

First of all the delivery was AMAZING. I got an email saying my box had been dispatched and should arrive in 3-5 days, and it arrived that afternoon. Amazing! I was really excited when my box arrived, I was like a child on Christmas day. I opened up my box to be greeted with the cute little turquoise box, and everything wrapped up in pretty pink paper with a bow. (Okay I planned on taking photos of this while it was all pretty, but I got too excited and opened my box, oops).

White Glo Professional Choice –

Professional Choice – Australia’s No. 1 whitening toothpaste. The original formula designed to gently lift stains and discolouration from teeth using micro-polishing particles. 
When I first saw this in my box I was like “o a toothpaste..”. I really wasn’t too fussed. But then after reading some reviews of this toothpaste I got a bit excited. I have an obsession with my teeth after everything I’ve gone through with them. My teeth are never as white as I’d like them and I’m too scared to use any teeth bleaching things, so I quite liked the idea of a toothpaste that can whiten up my teeth.
Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve –  
Discover Balance Me’s new, petroleum-free, 100% natural ultra-moisturising intensive lip salve. A daily beauty-must for salve addicts to plump, protect and smooth away dry patches on lips and leave them kiss-ably soft.
Balance me products were recently free in Glamour magazine, and luckily I didn’t already get this one! I love lip balms so I was quite happy to receive this. After using this a few times it’s made my lips super soft.
Redken Color Extend Radiant -10 – 
New Color Extend Radiant-10 is Redken’s first dual-phase, color-preserving formula designed to meet the needs of color-treated hair. Bi-layer formula combines the richness of a nourishing cream with the lightness of a spray to deliver 10 transformative benefits.
I have colour treated hair so I was really excited to see this in my box. I’m always looking for products to help keep my hair red. I’ve used this a couple of times so far but haven’t noticed any difference to my hair yet.
Papier Poudre –
Absorbent powdered face papers
When I saw these in my box I was a bit unsure. I’ve never used blotting papers before so I didn’t really understand the idea behind them. After reading some other reviews on the She Said Beauty website and seeing that most people were excited to receive these I decided to give them a go.
Absolutely Flawless Nail Foils – 
32 Nail Foils for Finger or Toe Nails. No Drying time. Easy to apply. No Chipping. Over 130 designs to choose from.
This was probably the product I was most excited about receiving. I’ve always wanted to try out nail foils but for some reason I’ve never got around to trying out any. I plan on using these in a couple of days time when I’ve got a few days off work.
4711 Eau De Cologne –
4711 Original Eau de Cologne is one of Cologne’s oldest internationally famous brands. For more than 200 years, it has delivered on its promise: using this unique fragrance refreshes the mind, body and soul. The secret formula for 4711 Original Eau de Cologne is still appreciated across the globe today, making this ‘aqua mirabilis’ an unparalleled classic.
I’ve seen there’s been a bit of confusion over this product, is it for men?! Is it for women?! Who knows. I think it smells quite nice so I’ll be using it.
Overall Thoughts – 

I am so happy with my box! Every product in here I will be using so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my money. I’m so impressed with my box, I’m already looking forward to receiving my next box. Looking back at past boxes I wish I had subscribed months ago!

And because I’m getting back into making YouTube videos I did a little video on this if you want to hear me waffle on about my beauty box.


Are you signed up to She Said Beauty?
What did you get in your box?

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