The Soap Shop

I’m sure if you’ve had a look on my blog recently you will have seen I’ve become addicted to Lush. I don’t know what happened, it’s like one day I just woke up and needed to buy everything from that shop. In fact I even converted two of my friends (who had never been to Lush before) into addicts. I own endless supplies of bath bombs, bath melts, soaps, if Lush makes it, I probably own it. I have quite a love for all bathy type things, so when on a recent trip out with my mum I came across a shop that stocked bath type products I had to have a look. The shop was called ‘The Soap Shop’ and stocked pretty much any soapy/bath time type product you could imagine, and of course I didn’t leave the shop empty handed. I’ve been trying to cut down on my Lush addiction and use up what I have first before I started buying any more, but this stuff wasn’t from Lush so it doesn’t count right?

First of all I picked up one of their ‘Sweetie Bath Bombs’ for £2. It reminds me of Lush’s bath ballistics and most of their bath bombs look identical at a fraction of the price! It smells like an old fashioned sweet shop, and it even has little hundreds and thousands sprinkled on the top which dissolved in the bath. I then picked up a massage bar (which I can’t for the life of me remember the name of!), which contains lavender and is meant to help your sleep. I’ve never used one of Lush’s massage bars so I didn’t really know what to expect, but basically it melts slightly when you touch it so you just rub it into your skin like a moisturiser. I’ve been using this before I go to bed and it smells amazing! I’m not sure if it’s been helping my lack of sleep, but it certainly helps to relax me before bed time. I then picked up the ‘Sweetie Bath Cupcake’ for £2.50 because I just thought it looked adorable! It’s kind of in between a bath bomb and a bath melt, where the bottle of the cupcake fizzes away but the top of it kind of melts in the bath. They had loads of these and it was actually really hard to pick one out, but this one stood out to me as it smells like a bubblegum girly scent, which I just love! And then finally I picked up the ‘Candyfloss and Mallow Soap’, because it just smells AMAZING. If you love sweet girly scents like me, this soap is for you. It just smells like vanilla, candy floss, marshmallows and berries.
I think I’ve found a new addiction over Lush, I’ve even been through the website and looked at other things I want (oops). My favourite thing about this company is that it’s based in my home town of Bedfordshire! So if your bit of a Lush addict, but fancy looking else where I’d recoomend taking a look at their shop!
You can visit the website here and look at their Twitter here.

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