Palmers Manuka Flower Honey Formula Range

I am forever buying new hair care products, or new shampoos to try out on my hair. It drives my poor boyfriend mad with the amount of bottles I have in our shower, all of which I need of course. I have quite dry hair, mostly because I’m a terrible person and use heat on it pretty much everyday, so I’m always looking out for products that can help it to feel or look better. Recently I was sent some hair care products from Palmer’s that claimed they can do just that.

I always thought of Palmer’s as a skincare company, as over the years I’ve had hundreds of bottles of hand cream, and cocoa butter moisturiser, I never considered that they might have a hair care range. However I found that actually they do have a hair care range, and quite a fancy one at that. The Palmer’s Manuka Flower Honey range is made from manuka flower honey (duh) harvested directly from New Zealand. It claims to be super moisturising, made from natural anti-bacterial ingredients to help promote healthy, protected hair and scalp. The range is also sulfate, paraben, and phthalates free, making it super good for your hair.

I was sent the shampoo and conditioner (£6.99 each) which both contain Amla Oil, Cocoa and Shea Butter, and are packed with vitamins to help condition and strengthen the hair. Both of these smelt amazingly sweet, probably because of the honey, and I loved the smell of it in my hair. I have quite dry hair and use straighteners quite a lot, but found after using this my hair was noticeably smoother and silkier after washing. However I have found if I use this a couple of days in a row my hair feels a little heavier, so it might be more suited for those with thinner hair.

I also received a bottle of the finishing hair oil (£5.49) which can be used on wet hair before blow drying. I think this little bottle will last a long time, as a little bit of this really goes a long way. I use it on my ends, and it helps my hair to look a little smoother and sleeker. 

I really love this range, especially the scent, and it’s nice to know that Palmer’s do a hair care range! It’s available to buy at Amazon or Superdrug, and is definitely worth it just to sniff your hair all day long. 

*PR Sample

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