The Sunday Post #12 – Getting Organised

This weekend I decided it was time to have a huge clear out in my room. Not only is it nice to have a nice big spring clean now and then, but also in less than 2 weeks time Chris is moving in with me! We’re going to be living in my parents house for a while so that we can save up some money and Chris can get himself settled in the working world. As great as it is to have Chris move in, the only problem is I don’t have a lot of space in my room, or more the fact I have a lot of stuff and have been used to having my own room.

So this weekend it’s time to get myself organised, and clear out some room for him to move in. First I started off with my chest of drawers, I have two in my room so I can clear out one of them to make room for Chris’s things. While clearing out my room I managed to reduce down my beauty stash, which also seemed like an achievement in itself! I bought myself some cute storage boxes, which helped to free up some space in my drawers. The main challenge was my wardrobe as it’s stuffed full of my clothes. It took me a couple of hours to go through and clear out some old clothes that no longer fit me, and I felt a bit optimistic about this summer weather and packed away some of my jumpers to go into storage. And then ta da! More room made for Chris’s clothes.

It felt good to have a huge clear out and throw away a lot of rubbish that I seem to keep hold of (darn my hoarder ways), and now my room is all set for Chris to move in in two weeks time. Just hopefully he doesn’t plan on bringing much with him, or my beauty stash won’t keep growing…

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