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Since receiving ‘Posie Tint’ in my Glamour magazine last month, I’ve found myself obsessed with it. I’ve found that I’ve been using it most days, and for only getting it for £2 at the time, its been a bargin. If it wasn’t for Glamour magazine I probably wouldn’t of known about Benefit, or tried out any of their stuff. Since using Posie Tint, I’ve been thinking about buying myself a new bottle after it runs out, its just the expensive price tag that’s been putting me off. 
I also had a look at what other products Benefit produces, and found that there is many of them I’d like to get my hands on, but just can’t afford to. After having a look on Ebay last week, I came across these 4 mini sample sizes of Benefit products.
Someone was selling these four sample sized Benefit goodies for only £3.99 including postage and packaging, so I couldn’t resist giving them a go! Each Benefit item is only 2.5ml instead of the usual 13ml, so my plan is to sample these products to see if they are worth their expensive price tag.
From right to left: Moon Beam, Bene Tint, Stay Don’t Stray, High Beam

From right to left: Moon Beam, Bene Tint, Stay Don’t Stray, High Beam
benefit high beam
I’ve only played around with these samples once so far, as Mr Postman delivered them this morning. But so far I’ve found myself quite impressed with all four products. 

Maybe they are worth their price tag after all?


benefit posietint
Have you used any of these Benefit products before?
Do you think their worth the price tag?

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