Recent Nail Varnish Purchases

Okay so I lied, I couldn’t stay away from buying more nail varnish. I was weak and visited a Boots counter, discovering there was a 3 for 2 offer, so this is what I came out with…
From Left to right: Rimmel London ‘Disco Ball’, Rimmel London ‘Sky High’, and Rimmel London ‘Matte Finish’.
I was quite happy with my purchase, especially the Disco Ball colour, which I came straight home and used! It comes out quite thin so its better to put over another colour, otherwise you’ll find yourself doing 100 coats to get and opaque colour. I thought it would be a perfect addition to my nail varnish collection as it would be great to ‘dress up’ a nail varnish with, making pretty sparkly nails for nights out etc.
The Sky High colour instantly stood out to me, it was unlike other nail varnishes I owned, and I’ve found that quite a lot of my colours look pretty similar these days. The colour comes out as a nice bluey-green turquoise colour which stands out, but isn’t too bright and obvious. I think I’ll be using this colour a lot over the summer, as it looks great on a sunny day!
The Matte Finish is something I’ve seen on quite a few other blogs and I’ve been interested to try out! I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I tested it over another nail varnish and was pleasantly surprised with this product! So look forward to a NOTD post with this one soon!
Have you bought any nail varnishes recently?
Have you used out any of these colours?

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