New Hair

I mentioned in one of my latest posts here that my hair had a well needed cut, and I decided that while I was having a change, to give it a new colour as well. Well as you can see from the photo, I’ve taken a bit of a change from my usual bright red hair. After about 9 months of having my hair bright red, I decided to experiment with a more ‘plum colour’. When I first dyed it, it was really dark. I mean really dark. But now after a few washes, its come out quite a nice dark purpley/red colour. Because I’ve dyed it on top of my bright red its come out with quite a nice red shine under it. With regards to a hair cut, I didn’t go for anything over the top. I usually only get my hair cut about every 6/7 months, so I didn’t want anything that was a drastic change. I just went with a shorter side fringe, shorter layers, and about an inch off the ends of my hair. I really should get my hair cut more, the ends were in a terrible state, the hairdresser actually told me off about them, oops. I’m still attempting to grow my hair, but I really needed the length off it to make it a bit healthier, and my hair is definitely much happier for it! I know its not much of a drastic change, but I’m really liking my new hair, especially the new colour. What do you guys think?
Also I felt like brightening up the blog a little and gave it a new background, what do you think?

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