Flint + Flint Skincare

Years ago I never used to bother with my skincare routine. I would literally wash my makeup off with soap, or even worse, in the shower the next morning after sleeping in it all night.  Looking back I dread to think how my skin must have looked and felt at the time. It was only a few years ago I started to look after my skin properly, and I find the more high quality skincare products I invest into my skin, the better my skin looks and feels. I still haven’t found my “perfect skincare routine” so I’m always testing out new products to find what fits right for my skin, and what isn’t worth repurchasing again. A brand that I’ve recently been trying products out from is Flint + Flint, a brand that believe they have the secret to skin health.

Flint + Flint promise that their skincare products are formulated to the highest standards, and claim that all of their skincare products work. I’ve not heard of their brand before, nor have I seen any of their products around, which made me think that if they worked as well as they claim to, would everyone not be raving about them? Regardless I thought I’d try out a few of their products, including the Moisturiser, Exfoliator 2x and their Lip Hero. Out of everything Lip Hero was the one I was most excited to try out as I’m always hunting for a lip treatment that won’t dry my lips out, and will stop them from cracking. After using it for a few days I did notice how my lips felt a lot softer, and weren’t as flakey as they used to be. I’ve started using it overnight as an intensive treatment, and found it’s working wonders if my lips feel dry or sore. 

The Exfoliator 2x is also a great product, especially if you like exfoliators that feel like their actually working. I’ve got sensitive skin and find that some exfoliators can feel like I’m rubbing sandpaper on my face, but this one feels like I can have a good scrub without causing too much damage to my skin. After using my skin feels so soft, and after using a few times a week I noticed my skin looked a lot brighter. The moisturiser was the product I didn’t feel that excited about, it didn’t really seem to do a lot. After using it for a while I didn’t notice any difference to my skin, and it didn’t make it feel any more hydrated than it already did. Although there wasn’t anything wrong with the moisturisers, I just don’t think it’s something I would purchase again, especially when it costs £32, and it doesn’t contain a SPF, which is something I like in my moisturisers now we’re approaching (hopefully) some more sunny days. 

Other than the moisturiser not overly impressing me, I quite like Flint + Flint products. They smell nice, and I really like the black matte packaging. When it comes to their claims that their products really do work, I think they might be right. I’ve certainly seen a difference from using the exfoliator and Lip Hero, I might have to give a few of their other products a test.

Have you tried anything from Flint + Flint before? What are your thoughts?

*Products sent to me for review, but all views are my own 

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