It’s no secret that I love cats, so when I received a wrapped up parcel covered in photos of my cat the other day I freaked out slightly. Wrapping paper covered in cats?! Not just any cat, but my own furry cat babies! I got so excited about seeing multiple versions of my cats face that it took me a good five minutes to see that it was a gift from the lovely people at Wrap.Me

Wrap.Me is a small startup that can create bespoke personalised wrapping paper made from your own photographs, and they’d lovingly made mine with my Instagram photos of cats. I think this is a fantastic idea for gift wrapping, especially if you want to impress. The quality of the print is amazing, especially considering these are all photos I quickly took on my phone, you can tell that real effort has gone into the printing. I’m also really impressed with the price, I thought something like this could be pretty pricey, but in fact prices start at just £4.99, and a 3 metre roll is only £14.99. 

I’ve spent ages looking at all of my cat photos, and I’m certainly keeping hold of my wrapping paper. I’ve even joked with the mister that I’m going to hang it up in our new flat as wallpaper. I can’t wait for the next birthday or event I need to buy gifts for, I’m certainly going to be taking advantage of this service!

 What do you think of Wrap.Me? Will you be tempted to make your own wrapping paper?

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