Jelly Belly Candle – Toasted Marshmellow

About a month ago I posted about my new favourite Jelly Belly candle. Well I loved the smell so much that I found myself constantly burning it, until it ran out. I found I loved Jelly Belly candles so much that I just had to buy some more. I’ve read a lot about Jelly Belly candles on other blogs, and one favourite scent that comes up a lot is ‘Toasted Marshmellow’. If your a lover of sweet sickly scents this is definitely one for you! The smell of these candles is amazing, their scent is so strong without being too over powering. I find that when I burn it, it leaves my room smelling all pretty and yummy, the smell lasts for hours! I got a few other Jelly Belly candles when I purchased this one, I have a feeling their becoming my new favourite thing!

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