Uni Bedroom Room Tour

As I mentioned in my favourites post I’ve recently moved back to university for my third and final year – scary stuff. This year I’m actually living in a house with my two best friends and my boyfriend. When I first moved in I wasn’t too happy, our house was in a complete state. But after lots of moaning to our landlord things finally got sorted including our broken sofa, stained carpet, marked walls and my broken bed. So now things are finally sorted and I’ve decorated I thought I’d share a room tour post with you.

Possibly the prettiest part of my room, my bed. I love all things shabby chic, so I’ve tried to put a bit of a shabby chic spin on my room. I have my ‘Lisahh’ and hearts hanging down either side of my bed, pretty floral bed sheets, and fairy lights, it’s such a pretty girly room. My walls were pretty plain when I moved in, and I have an obsession with New York, so I’ve covered my walls in New York posters, and well I thought the spooning one was funny.

There isn’t a great deal of storage space in my room, most of my stuff is stuffed in my cupboard or under my bed, and my shelves don’t really hold a lot, so their mostly there to look pretty. I do have a few text books, and cook books, but my pretty owl bookends couldn’t hold them all. So instead of my books constantly falling on my face in my sleep, their in two different piles. I then have some pretty looking things, flowers, a photo of me and the boyfriend, and a piggy bank that’s already been raided into.

Next to my bed I have my chest of drawers, where I keep most of my beauty products on, the rest are in the wicker drawers, and the plastic box. You can clearly tell I have an obsession. I also have my iPod dock, lava lamp and Mickey Mouse clock, along with my current favourite candle burning and some flowers my boyfriend bought me.

At the other side of my room I have my desk. My room stupidly only has two plugs on the other side of the room, so I have a long extension lead across the floor and more extension leads for all my electrics on the desk. Its a pretty geeky thing, but i like having my tv here as i can join it to my laptop and have a dual screen. as theres hardly any storage I have a box under my desk for all my hair stuff, another next to my desk for folders, and crates of cider and junk food next to the desk. don’t judge me, I’m a student..

Above my desk I have my keep calm and drink tea poster, a cats in hats calander, a photo of my parents and my timetable. I also keep my make up storage on my desk, next to possibly the worlds oldest and largest black and white printer.

Possibly the favourite part of my room, my photo wall. My wall was covered in blue tac marks everywhere in my room. I’ve had a couple of disagreements with my landlord and he’s finally agreed to repaint my room over Christmas. So in the mean time I’ve got some of my favourite photos printed out to cover up the worst, including a couple of photos of me and a couple of lovely bloggers I’ve met.

And lastly is my notice board, complete with some pretty photos, and my jewellery hanging on it. As uni goes on I’ll probably have to replace them with deadlines, so I’ll enjoy it being pretty while I can.

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