Jison Case iPad Case Review

Recently I was contacted by the lovely people at Jison Case asking if I would like to review one of their iPad cases. I love my iPad and I’m constantly using it, so I’m always looking out for a new case, especially one that protects my iPad so I can take it around with me in my handbag. They offered me one of their Classic Smart iPad cases in any colour I liked, and I decided to pick pink.

The first thing I love about this case is the colour. It’s the perfect girly pastel pink, and currently I love it because it looks great when sat in my room. The iPad case is made from high quality premium leatherette and is curved fit on all the edges and corners for full protection, and my iPad fits perfectly in it so there’s no worries if I take it out and leave it in my handbag. It’s made with a magnetic smart cover design which can make your iPad ‘wake up’ and ‘sleep’ instantly, which works well if you want to lock your iPad easily. One thing that annoys me with the case is that power and volume buttons are covered, which I realise is meant for protection, but it actually makes using the buttons really quite difficult. Another thing that I dislike about the case is that the folds down on the front of the case are not in equal proportions, with one of them being bigger than the other 3. This isn’t a problem when the case is closed, but when I fold it up to use as a stand, it can make it a little wonky, which you can see in the last image.

 Overall I did like the iPad case, but I don’t think it’s worth the price listed for on the website as I think there are a few flaws with it. I’ve been using this case for the majority of the time, but as it’s not really useful as a stand I’ve been using a different case if I want to stand up my iPad.

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