How To Please Your Cat

It’s been a while now since we gave a forever home to our new rescue kitty, deaf Jeff. He’s starting to settle in really well, especially as he’s only living in a room in my parents house as we’re still waiting to move. Jeff is quite the character, he likes to run around and cause havoc, and can miaow really loudly when he wants attention. 

Despite all the mischief he can cause we still adore Jeff, and can’t wait until we can finally move out with him. We want Jeff to be a happy little kitty, so we try to do things to please him. Like buy him comfy beds to sleep in, and toys to play with. We also like to give him occasional treats and nice cat food, and we’ve discovered that Felix’s sensations is his favourite. 

Despite all the fun toys we buy for Jeff, he still prefers to sit in boxes.. 

He reminds me a lot of this funny cat video, where whatever you do for your cats they’ll always do the opposite!

Although he’s absolutely bonkers we still love him, and I’m sure he’ll continue to drive us mad by sitting in boxes and waking us up at 3am because he’s hungry.

*I was sent Felix products in exchange for this post

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