Creating A Memory Box

Over the past couple of years there’s been some pretty big events. I’ve graduated, got two adult jobs, been to hen do’s, friend’s weddings, and even friend’s baby’s christenings. There’s been numerous great days out with friends, and I’ve been to some great shows. All of these events I have great memories of, so I thought I should create a way to remember them, so I can look back on these moments. So I thought I’d put together a memory box, full of gig tickets, cards, wedding invites and photographs to keep a collection of my happy memories. 

All of the photos I have have been taken with a digital camera, with most of the photos of me and my friends having been uploaded to Facebook, so I don’t really have any physical photographs. I have a few photographs in frames scattered around my bedroom, but other than that, none. USB4Photographers are trying to encourage people to capture special moments and save them in the real world, rather than just keep them online. So I thought it would be a good idea to print off a few of my favourite photographs so I could look back on them. I decided to include some old photographs of me and the boyfriend from our uni days, meeting my friends daughter for the first time, and gigs and nights out with friends. As I take more photographs I think I’m going to print them out to keep in my memory box, I might even make a scrapbook with some of them.

I love to go to the theatre and to gigs and I’ve always kept hold of the tickets, so I’ve also stuck these in my memory box. It’s been really fun looking back on all these tickets, I forgot how many gigs and shows I’ve been to, and it turns out quite a lot!

I also found I’d kept hold of a few things from my graduation, including a keyring with my uni on, the programme from my graduation ceremony, and even loads of congratulations cards. These were something else that was nice to add to my memory box, and lovely to look back on. 
It’s been really fun putting together this memory box and looking back on all the fun events in my life, and I’m looking forward to adding to it as the years go on. I hope I add to this for years to come, and can sit down in ten years time and have years of memories to look back on. 

Do you have a memory box? What’s in yours?

*collaborative post

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