I’ve Upgraded In The Technology World!

I’ve any of you have been reading my Twitter over the last week you will have seen I’ve upgraded my phone! Yes that’s right I’m finally moving up in the technology world! I got myself a shiny new Motorola Defy! If anyone’s seen the advert for this its described as ‘waterproof, scratch proof, life proof’ – the perfect phone for me! I’m forever breaking phones and scratching them, so hopefully this phone will outlive me!

On the left is my crappy old scratched to death phone, on the right my shiny new wonder phone!

I’ve never had a ‘good’ phone, so upgrading from my ‘brick’ phone that does nothing, to an amazing smart phone that does everything is a bit of a shock to the system! I have a phone that can go on the internet?! I can go on Twitter/Facebook? I can get Emails!?! I’m just mind blown and what my phone can do! I’m aware to many people this may not be amazing for you, but my old phone did nothing but text/call/take really terrible photos. This means next time I’m bored on a train/in uni etc I can read through Twitter and blogs! Although I am struggling with my Blogger app I’ve downloaded at the moment – I don’t understand technology, it took me a week to understand how to use this phone.
But now this means I can reply to your Tweets/Emails/Blog comments more often 🙂

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