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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide #1

Now it’s February everyone’s focus has switched from getting fit and being healthy, to all things Valentine’s Day. I find that Valentine’s Day gifts can often get a little samey, with the usual chocolates and flowers still proving to be popular. Although this year I’ve spotted a couple of different gifts, and thought I’d share them with you in case you’re looking for gifts for the special person in your life.

This gift set includes everything the man in your life needs to smell good. A shower gel, and an eau de toilette, both branded in The Bluebeards Revenge logo, giving men the chance to get closer to their masculine side while showing off their adventurous personalities. I love buying gift sets like this, especially as I never know what to get my other half so having a selection from a brand is great.

Mule Bar – £7.99 for a pack of 5
Is your other half the sporty type? Why not get them some Mule Bar’s, a brand of creatively flavoured energy bars, perfect for any long distance runner or the active gym goer. They have several different flavours, and I think my favourite is the Strudel or Summer Pudding, but I’m not so keen on the liquorice allsports flavour!

Nuun – £6 per tube
Another great gift for the sporty types is Nuun, a sugar free, low calorie, hydration tablet. Each tablet is sugar and carb free, meaning you don’t have to add unnecessary carbs while training. Each tube contains enough tablets to make 12 500ml hydration drinks, and there’s 11 different flavours available. I’m really enjoying the Strawberry Lemonade flavour, but there’s some other great flavours available.

Chillies – Available from mexgrocer.co.uk
Why not spice things up this Valentine’s Day with a selection of chillies from Mexican Grocer? There’s a wide range available, and they’ve got recipes for them all here. I sometimes find my cooking can be a little bland or in need of something extra so I’m give a couple of these a go this Valentine’s!

The Art of Couples Conversation – £9.98
The art of couples conversation is a board game designed for couples to get them to spend quality time together talking. The art of conversation is a range of best-selling games that have been developed to improve conversation skills, turn us into better listeners, and get to know each other better. Why not have a game this Valentine’s?

Anatomicals – Available at ASOS
Anatomicals are a range of beauty and bathing products that have quirky messages displayed over them. Each product is affordable, ranging from £3-10, with funny messages on them like ‘No Old Bags Allowed’. They’re funny and witty, and certainly will make the woman in your life chuckle.

Pooch & Mutt – £13.99
Of course when treating your loved one’s this Valentine’s, don’t forget to treat your pooch! Pooch & Mutt have a range of doggy snacks, and their most popular is their Calm & Relaxed range, the perfect treat for your doggy!

I hope this helps you to find some great gifts this Valentine’s!

*This post includes PR samples

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