The Sunday Post #3 – The Five Year Journal

Every year I usually buy myself a new diary for the upcoming year. Usually one with a space to write on each day with things I’m up to, upcoming birthdays and other important dates. This year I decided to be a bit different and instead of just buying a years dairy, I would buy myself a five year journal. I’ve heard a bit about these before, and if you look on Amazon you can find a variety of different ones. But I decided to go with this one where you would write a line a day for five years.

I’m really enjoying spending every evening before I go to bed filling this in with my favourite things that have happened that day. I didn’t order this until a week into the new year, so I had to go back a bit to fill in the first few days of the book, but since then I’ve been filling it in every night. It doesn’t feel like much at the moment, especially as some days I haven’t done a lot, but I try to think forward to five years time when I’ll be looking back on this and can read through things that maybe were important or made me smile. I think this book is a great idea, and would also make a great gift for someone! I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen over the next five years.

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