Saints & Slimmers Review

Recently I’ve been on a mission to lose a little weight. I’ve tried most diets in the past, but I usually fail or end up giving up before I get a chance to finish them. I’m officially the worst person at diets. One diet that I’ve never tried before is a meal replacement diet, but I’ve heard many people rave about them. I’ve always been under the impression that they’re a bit pointless, and you almost always put the weight you lost back on when you come off them. So when Saints & Slimmers asked if I wanted to review one of their diet plans I thought I’d give it a go. 

Saints & Slimmers do a range of different diet plans, including low calorie diets and the popular 5:2 diet. As I’ve never tried any products like this before I decided to try out the Breakfast and Lunch diet, so then I could still have my evening meals while I got used to the products. The breakfast and lunch diet helps you to follow a low calorie diet as a great way to lose weight quickly and sustainably. Saints & Slimmers described this as easier to stick to and that it requires less will power than the others as you just have to cook one low calorie evening meal for yourself, and they provide the other two. All the meals are low in calories but high in fibre and protein, designed to leave you feeling fuller for longer. 

There’s a range of products you can chose from on this plan, but I tended to stick to the porridges or muesli for my breakfast, and tried either a milkshake or one of the soups for my lunch. My favourites were definitely the toffee caramel porridge, heavenly strawberry milkshake, and the cream of tomato soup. I wasn’t so keen on the spicy spaghetti bolognese meal pack or the cottage pie one, to me they didn’t taste right and weren’t as ‘bulky’ as the meals normally are. 

I only had enough products to follow the plan for a week so it’s hard to tell how effective the plan can be for one month option. But after a week of using I lost 4lbs, which is pretty good for just a week! I think this is the sort of plan that would work for someone who wants to quickly lose weight for an event, but I’m not sure how it would work long term. I’m not sure if I’d try this again, but I’m quite tempted with the porridges as they helped to fill me up until lunch time! Have you ever tried a plan like this before? How did you get on?

*Plan sent to me to review

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