Lisahh Is Back!

Hi Girlies! 
O my I’m sorry it’s been a whole 3 weeks without contact! – Moving back to uni and getting settled in took so much longer than I thought it would. So now I’m all settled into my new uni routine I thought I would try and get my blog/youtube back up and running. 
The other day I managed to film this little video to update you all with. 
The exciting news about this new video is that I’m in HD! Yes that’s right, no more rubbish webcam videos! The lovely boyfriend has lent me his video camera so there will be much more high quality videos coming your way! 

A few other updates in my life include that my spending ban is now over! (yay!)
Somehow with all of my will power I managed to not buy anything new, and use up all of my old products – and let me tell you it was hard! So yes I’ve been out spending more money on new things so expect some new posts soon 🙂
So you will all be happy that I’ll be appearing more and more on your dashboards and youtube subscriptions again! 
Hope you’ve all been well!

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