Thinking Of My Dream House

You might have seen that I’m currently on a Spending Ban in an attempt to try and save a few pennies together so that I can one day afford to move out of my parents house and have a house of my own. Although I could technically afford to move out into a rented house currently, I’m trying to put that off and attempt to save up for a house deposit with my partner. The main reason we’re hoping to buy somewhere of our own is so that we can decorate the house how we like, without being stuck with the landlords dodgy wallpaper choices.

Although we’re a very long way off getting somewhere of our own, especially as we have a whole £0 saved up towards this, I’ve decided in my head completely how I want to decorate our dream house. I’ve planned the decoration of each room completely, and of course my house will look like something out of Pinterest. While I was buy thinking about what colour to paint each room, my partner bought up the practical things we’ll need, like storage, washing machines and blinds. I wouldn’t have given these things a second thought, but then I thought about how much I’d like things like blackout blinds for our bedroom, especially as curtains can be a bit useless in the summer. I then came across VELUX Blinds, who create a wide selection of blinds in all shapes and colours made to fit an Velux window. Not only do they have the blackout blind I’m looking for, but also roller blinds, pleated or Venetian blinds. All of their blinds come complete with easy installation, and free delivery when you buy online.

I’m certainly going to be conisdering Velux Blinds when I eventually buy my own place, and I’m kind of tempted by their Disney range. No one said my house had to be grown up right…

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