The Sunday Post #4 – Wardrobe Organisation

If you’ve read up on my Weightloss Journey or follow me on Twitter you’ll see that I’m currently on a mission to lose weight.  I’ve now lost a stone and a half which means some of my clothes are starting to feel too big, and I can now fit into old clothes that I haven’t worn for sometime. So this week I decided it was about time I had a good old wardrobe organisation and worked out what clothes fit me, what clothes didn’t, and have a general organisation.

A few weeks ago I kick started my organisation process with sorting out my drawer for all my beauty products, and thought I may as well start as I mean to go on and tackle my wardrobe. I have a large built in wardrobe that’s made up of three parts which I originally organised back in October when I redecorated. But being bit of a hoarder and a generally unorganised person, I found that I was messing up the original order, and was stashing away boxes of rubbish for no reason. I decided to take everything out of my wardrobe and start it all over again. I thought the best way to organise my wardrobe would be to have different sections, one for dresses, one for skirts, one for shirts etc. Once I’d gone through these I decided to get rid of the things that were obviously to big for me, put away into a separate box clothes that were still too small but I wanted to wear one day when I lose more weight, and put things into a charity pile that I just never wore or didn’t want.

A few hours and bin bags later I found I had a completely organised wardrobe of clothes I will actually wear, displayed in a way I can actually see everything. I felt a lot better for de-cluttering and getting rid of things I didn’t need, and overall felt a lot more organised with my wardrobe. Like my beauty products it’s now a lot easier to find clothes I’m looking for, especially with them all organised into sections. Now just to keep it this way…

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