The Sunday Post #11 – Reflecting

This weekend I decided to take some time out and have a fairly quiet weekend. The past few weeks have been crazy busy, I recently went away on a trip up north with the other half to visit his parents. It was a really nice time away, and it was actually the most amount of time me and Chris got to spend together since September due to our long distance relationship. So we drove the 300 miles to go visit his family, and it was great to catch up with them but gosh it’s such a long drive back home! We got back on the Tuesday and it was straight back to work on Wednesday, and catching up on what I missed over the bank holiday so it’s been a pretty busy tiring week! Another fun thing that happened in the past week is that my blog turned 3! Crazy to think I’ve been writing my little blog for 3 years now, and so many great things have happened to me because of it.

Friday night was actually quite a busy start to my quiet weekend. I went out in Watford with some people from work for our head of marketing’s leaving do. I haven’t been at the company long so I didn’t really get a chance to know her that well, but she’d been at the company for 12 years and had made a pretty big impact on everyone’s lives. It’s safe to say it got a bit emotional saying goodbye, but we had a great time out with some dinner and drinks. As my company has several different offices it was really nice to mix with some people from the other offices and get to know everyone a bit better.

Saturday was a bit more quiet. I went to go and give blood on Saturday in the day, which is always fun and games. I hate needles, and I often pass out afterwards but I have a rare blood type so it’s something I need to keep trying. Sadly I had another fail at giving blood where my vein decided to hide, and then when they found it it was really painful and they could hardly get any blood so not much of a donation. I then had a quiet night with a friend and a rather competitive game of monopoly.

Today I’m off to visit my grandparents, which can be fun and games. They live two hours away, which is getting quite stressful as they’re getting older and we can’t help out as much. They mean the world to me so it’s not great to see, but I know my time with them is precious now.

Hopefully after a quieter weekend the week ahead will start a lot calmer. Do you have many plans?

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