What Does Blogging Mean To Me

I’ve been blogging now for about three and a half years now, which is crazy to think that people would still read this and all of my rambles. It started off one evening in my bedroom when I had far too much free time, and a lot of cosmetics and no one to talk to about them. Fast forward to today and my blog has helped me to make some amazing friends, gave me some fabulous opportunities, and even helped me to get jobs. But what does blogging mean to me?

Me, BexCharliLouiseTanya

Shona, Me, Bex

Me, Sophia

Blogging has introduced me to some pretty amazing friends, friends who all have something in common with me, who I can talk to about lipstick for hours on end and they won’t get fed up about it. I’ve been to some amazing meet ups and events where I’ve got to meet all these ladies, and spend hours nattering away to them about anything and everything. And they’ve always been at the end of a phone when I’ve needed someone to chat to. They never judge me on having too much make up, and in fact they often encourage me to buy more!

Blogging started off as something that I could do for a bit of fun and I could talk about make up until I was blue in the face, but now it means a whole load more to me. It’s still my little bit of the internet, but it’s also where I’ve made some amazing friends that mean the world to me. I’m pretty glad I was bored one evening and decided to start up Lisahh-Jayne, because without this blog I would have never met my wonderful friends.

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