The Sunday Post #25 – Buying Our First Home

For a while Chris and I have wanted to get our own place. Despite having the money to be able to afford to move out and rent our own place, we wanted to get some money together for a deposit to buy our own place. A few months ago we worked out that we had a decent amount of money together to start thinking about buying our own home, and after speaking to a mortgage advisor it was confirmed that yes, we could buy somewhere, and we had a budget in mind. Then started the fun part of looking around all sorts of houses and flats, which I loved because I like being nosey at how everyone likes to decorate. Then a couple of times we thought we’d found the right place for us, but we always seemed to be outbid on our offers. Then on Tuesday we were shown the flat of our dreams. We were originally put off of this flat as it wasn’t where we were looking to buy, and it was only a 1 bedroom when we’d prefer a 2 bed, but the estate agent insisted we should take a look. Boy are we glad we did because we fell in love, and put an offer in there and then, and Wednesday morning it was confirmed, it was ours.

We haven’t been looking for very long, so this whole buying our first home lark is going rather quickly. So quickly that we haven’t even started to think about what we even need to buy for the flat. We’ve had great fun talking about how we’d like to decorate, running around IKEA, and thinking of all the fun gadgets we can buy, but we need to really be thinking about practical boring adult things we need to get.

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We’re lucky that we have a few odds and bobs like cutlery from our uni days, as well as some bedroom furniture and a TV. But we don’t have the everyday things like sofas, a washing up bowl, or a hoover. We don’t want to start spending a great deal of money on rubbish we don’t need, so we’re working on buying the essentials first. We’ve narrowed it down to a few main things we need to get, and we’ve been looking at sofas, Panasonic washing machines, fridges, and storage spaces. We’d so much rather be looking at Tassimo machines, and Roomba robots but sadly we have to be practical boring adults now. I’m even enjoying looking for a ironing board…

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