Lush Luton Valentine’s Event

It’s no secret that I’m a Lush addict, you only have to look through this blog and you’ll see it mentioned thousands of times. I can’t get enough of their bath bombs, and I constantly have a ‘Lush stash’ tucked away in my bathroom. My friends have even joked that I’m an expert, and often take me into Lush with them when they want help looking for a product. So when Lush Luton invited me to their Lush Valentine’s event I was super excited, being in a Lush store after hours where I could go play with as many products as I wanted, count me in!

While we were there we were shown a couple of the Lush Valentine’s range, and how they looked once you put them in your bath. One thing that everyone liked the look of was the Love Locket bath bomb, which is so big you could actually get two or three baths out of it. Once you pop it in the bath you get all these tiny heart confetti pieces that fill your bath, they looked so sweet.

We also got shown the Flower Bath Bomb, which sets off this amazing foaming rainbow once you put it in water. It’s again another big bath bomb, so you could probably get a few baths out of it if you cut it in half. Or have one big super amazing smelling bath!

During our visit we all got a go on the Emotional Brilliance wheel, which was great fun as I’ve never had a chance to play around with this in the store before. You basically spin the wheel and pick out three colours that stand out to you, I picked out the colours ambitious, control and believe. We decided that ambitious was my strength, control was my subconscious, and believe was my aspiration. 

While we were there was also got to look around at the products, and it was great to look more closely at things I’ve not tried before. I really like the look of the Lush perfumes, which also come in solid perfume form. I’ve not thought much about these before, but some of them really smell amazing! I also took a closer look at some of the Lush hair products, and picked up a New Shampoo Bar, which is meant to be good for stimulating hair growth and thickness, something I need right now! I also picked up a bottle of Prince Charming Shower Gel, as it was pink and smelt pretty.

I really had a great time at Lush Luton’s Valentine’s event, and it was great to see my local Lush store and get to know some of the staff there. I’m now fully stocked on Lush goodies for a while to come, including the amazing smelling Unicorn Horn. Now I think it’s time for a Lush bath!

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