Teapigs Iced Tea

Now that our days are (finally) brightening up and becoming warmer there’s nothing I crave more than sitting in outside in the sunshine with something cold to drink. One thing that appealed to me was iced tea. I’ve always been a big fan of iced tea, but I’ve never got around to making it myself. So one sunny day I decided to take a chance and make myself a nice jug of the stuff. I always thought making iced tea would be pretty difficult but when Teapigs gave me a recipe to use with some of their amazing flavours of tea, it was actually pretty simple. And at the end of it you get something pretty yummy to drink ;).

  • First you pick your favourite Teapigs flavour – I chose Superfruit
  • Pop your tea bag into a mug or heatproof glass
  • Pour a small amount of hot water (just enough to cover the tea temple) for around 3-5 minutes
  • Take out the tea bag, top up with cold water, ice and fruit
  • Enjoy!

And that’s all there is too it! Superfruit was my favourite flavour for iced tea, but a close second was lemon and ginger ;). This is a great recipe that you can make several alterations too, you could even make a couple of cheeky cocktails out of it!

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